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Auckland Club Past Events 2010 

AMOC 35th Anniversary

  27th November 2010

This was held on 27th November 2010 at the Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre. While there are few that can remember back that far we did have our founding member Ross Walker and his mother present. It was Len Walker, Rossís father that started off the Auckland Mustang Owners Club 35 years ago. Ross must have just been getting out of short pants back then.

While like many clubs the membership has fluctuated it has been relatively stable over the past 10 years at 200 plus. The interest in Mustangs continues to be fuelled by Fordís vision and loyal following that has seen the huge up take of interest in the modern Mustang.

About 90 people attended the celebration which began with a mix and mingle in the bar for an hour or so. While there was some comment about bar prices, several trips were made to refresh glasses in order to lubricate the vocal cords.

After a few drinks we moved into the dining room where we took over most of the tables. The meal was a smorgasbord of very delicious temptings. As usual the plates seem too small or is it the eyes too big? However a great selection of yummies followed by dessert, cheese, tea and coffee. Lucky I brought my big eating trousers!

A band played a little during dinner but after dinner they revved up and a number of members got down to some dancing.

During a band break our President Wayne Lack made a short speech followed by the giving away of a number of items of clothing.

The band finished up around 10.30pm and with the noise levels now reduced it was easier for members to move around chatting with others that they hadnít seen for a while. Things wrapped up around 11.30pm but there remained a small hardcore group which stayed overnight to be ready for the next dayís activity and also to avoid the risk of drinking and driving (very bright people).

Another great function and I am sure it wonít be long and 40 years will be here.

By Ian Waters