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Completed AK Events 2006


Kaiaua Trip for Fish & Chips Sunday 9th July

Report and Pics by Blair Rundle

Brrrr . . . Still cold isnít it. I donít know about you but Iím finding the frosts very off putting when it comes to getting out of bed in the morning. It didnít stop me however, from thoroughly enjoying the Fish & Chip run to Kaiaua a few Sundays ago. We had a great turn out with over 20 cars meeting at the Bombay Hills BP. The weather got progressively better as the day went on and by the time we reached the Bayview Hotel where most of us had lunch, there were even a few patches of blue sky to be seen.

The thing I love most about these events is the chance to meet new people, and this time it was my pleasure to photograph perhaps one of the youngest members of AMOC . . . 3 week old Jessica Jade Waters.

Shown below parked up next to the fire during lunch, she remained pretty much this way (asleep) the entire day, even with the rumble of all the V8ís! On the way home from Kaiaua the weather improved even further which resulted in a completely necessary pit stop for Ice Creams. Roll on summer so we can do lots more of  these types of trips!

Annual Mini Golf Day Sunday 25th June

Report and Pics by Blair Rundle

Another fun event that took place was the annual mini golf competition. Now I wish I could say I thoroughly enjoyed it but to be honest, chasing a little white ball around a plastic jungle with a bent metal stick is really not my thing. (Can you tell I performed miserably?). It was however much enjoyed by several the club members who came along, especially the kids. Malcolm Meek took the honour of having the lowest score whilst Judy Shackleton, well, lets just say she finished at other end of the scale

Auckland Concours de Elegance: 12 Feb

Report and Pics by Ken Smith

Auckland club did the honours at the Concours at Ellerslie this year.  Ashley Webb (69 Mach 1) won the Masters Award. This is Barry Benders old car. If Barry was looking down on us he would have been delighted. This award was always his goal. Team One (Frank Parker 65 fastback, Jaun Ferandoes 65 Convert) won the Teams Event.

Frank Parkers 65 Fastback  | Jaun Ferndoes 65 Convertible

Team two (Paul Higgans 64.5 Convert., Dale Charteris 66 Convert) placed 5th in Teams Event. 3rd best Club display.


Brett Walkers Boss 302 from Auckland which won People Choice amongst many other awards at Kumeu this year. Brett built the car to race but that will never happen as this car is just fabulous!

Brett Walkers Boss 302

The winner of the Mothers Wax Attack and Palm Polishing Kit from the Concourse de elegance free draw is Jason Heffernan.

The winner of the Mothers Wax Attack and Palm Polisher Kit from the free draw at the Kumeu Classic and Hot Rod Festival was Andrew Page from Hobsonville


Other event coverage coming

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