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Auckland Club Past Events 2008

Kaiaua Fish & Chip Run – 29th June 2008
Article and photos by Margaret & Paul Broadbent

Amidst fears that the weather would play havoc with the number of cars brave enough to come on the run, a good number of hardy AMOC members turned up with their pride and joy, at the BP at Bombay on Sunday morning.

When we set off, our convoy comprised 18 Mustangs, 1 Chrysler 300, 1 PT Cruiser, 1 Calais, 1 RAV4, 1 Porsche and 2 virtual cars (no names mentioned, Graham and Keith!) The 1 motorbike ducked for cover and ended up hitching a ride in a Mustang.

With Lance as the “Run Captain” and Paul as the Tail End Charlie, the convoy was able to stay pretty well together for the whole trip. We stopped just before Kaiaua, when Lance decided to mix things up a little and try some off roading, turning onto a dirt track, full of very large puddles, that led onto the beach. This seriously sorted out the men from the boys! A few opted out and kept on going to the Pub, while most traded a very grubby Muzzie for a spectacular view of the Firth of Thames.

Then, on to the Pub or Takeaway shop for, as usual, the best fish n chips to be had. Well replete, we headed off again for Kawakawa Bay where we gave the dairy worker RSI rolling excessively large ice creams for all. After that, we made our own way home, with only 2 cars stopping at Maraetai for a coffee.

Once again, a very good day driving through some magnificent countryside, in amazing cars, to eat fantastic food, with great people in beautiful sunny mid winter weather. What more could anyone ask?



Mid-winter Xmas Dinner – 28th June 2008
Article and photos by Dianna Borland

An added extra to the AMOC social calendar this year, was a Mid Year Christmas Dinner, held at the Howick Club, East Auckland, organised by the Events Manager, Margaret Broadbent. Members from the West and even over the bridge, braved the wintery conditions to join in the celebrations and revelry of the night. The menu was full of Christmas fare, including yummy Christmas pudding and pavlova. Santa (although not seen) dropped by and left pressies for one and all. The dance floor soon beckoned, with the sounds of “Mustang Sally” ringing through the place. A great night, with wonderful company - what more could you ask for, when the weather conditions outside were so cold and miserable.


Model Shop Run – 8th June 2008
Article and Photos by Craig Borland

With Paul and Margaret in tow we reached the start point some 10 minutes late. Fingers crossed that the team had not departed. No fears – six Mustangs proudly lined up and all but ready to go. Then a new red Shelby arrives and heads for the front of the queue. “A bit late Ken” I asked. “Ten minutes to spare” replies Ken. “We start at 10am” I respond. “What about the 10.30am start” Ken fires back. The look on my face tells a story. “Whoops – I am a bit late”. Time to go and nine cars head off in showery weather although a fine outlook predicted later. Stokers in Greenlane was our first stop – one of their bigger crowds for Sunday morning I suspect. Yours truly lashes out and spends $50 (10% discount without asking – very nice). A couple of other purchases made by others. We then head north to Silverdale, with coffee at the BP stop on route – very tasteful I might add.

Another purchase at our next model shop by yours truly - $120 this time. The men were a bit quiet for this visit but not the ladies. They arrived from their shopping jaunt with Bendon bags galore. I suspect nice underwear for the men! Kaukapakapa Hotel for lunch (traditional hamburgers and chips with a relaxing drink) then Helensville for our last stop of the day at the local model shop. Good variety of models but my spending money had disappeared. A pleasant day and if the models did not appeal then the company did. As usual plenty of conversation and laughs. And we had the sight of a new Shelby leading the pack. I suspect we will see plenty of this car over the coming years. A fabulous sight indeed.


Monterey Park – Sunday 18th May 2008
Article and Photos by Margaret & Paul Broadbent

Sunday, 18th May 10.30am saw 18 of our club’s finest lined up in the brilliant sunshine in Beaumont Street ready, for a fun day at Monterey Park in Greenhithe. As the day was so beautiful, we decided to take a cruise to St Heliers and back, before heading out to Monterey Park. The convertibles were in their element! There was plenty of interest in our convoy and we even passed several “non club” Mustangs – let’s hope they saw what they are missing out on and join up soon! It was good to meet up with new members, as well.

On arrival at Monterey Park, the Mustang boots disgorged folding chairs, tables and all manner of food. We set up our picnic lunch in the middle of the car park and ate before exploring the Park. Our group this time contained more than usual family groups and it was lovely to be at a venue that suited adults and children alike.

In the Motor Museum several club members (no names!) recognised their first (and sometimes second) cars – does that make the cars old or the members old or both!

Most of us enjoyed a ride on the train and then were fascinated by the 4 seasons model trains. There has been some serious hard work done setting them all up.

After strolling through the grounds and looking at all the miniature buildings, including very realistic models of the Ferry Building and the Museum, we arrived at the model boats. There was awesome detail in these and it would be fantastic to return there on a “live” day to see them in action.

Many of our group said, like us, that this was their first trip to Monterey Park after always wanting to visit and not getting around to it. We all agreed that the trip was well overdue. We had a wonderful day – brilliant weather, great venue, the best cars and congenial company. What more could you ask for?



Beachhop  – 30th April – 4th May 2008

Held in the popular seaside holiday resort of Whangamata the 5 day festival celebrates the music, culture, fashion, music, hot rods, motorbikes, dancing, dragsters, scooters of this golden era. The festival has grown from 4,000 to over 70,000 people in just 5 years. This makes it one of the largest events of its kind in the world. All proceeds raised are donated to emergency services in the area.”   From the Beachhop website, they confirmed 1,265 cars registered, of which it is noted that 112 were Mustangs. 

The weather  was fine and sunny during 4 of the 5 days for the Beachhop, which must have been a huge relief for Noddy and his team of dedicated workers.  It was estimated over 80,000 people checked out the event.  See www.thehop.co.nz  for over 10,000 photos.


Matakana  – 27th April 2008 

In drizzling rain, 10 Mustangs and 3x “pretenders”  in their 4x door muzzies met at the Poenamo Hotel in Northcote, with anticipation of a fine run to Matakana Country Park.  About 10:45am we hit the road, and made a small detour at Silverdale to pick up a couple of “Northeners”.  From there it was pretty much in convoy all the way to lunch.  Unfortunately the rain persisted most of the way, but the sun did manage to peek through just as we arrived at our destination.    The lunch fare was either in the “RD 6” Restaurant or at the Country Kitchen Café, then a stroll through the Art Gallery and Craft Co-op.  From here the convoy dispersed, with a number of members driving down to the Omaha Gallery for a look-see, others headed back to the Matakana shops and some to the ever popular Morris & James.  For us, we stopped off at Charlies Gelato Garden - yummy!!!! then headed home.


Cruise to Mustang NZ  – 5th April 2008

 A Saturday afternoon cruise to Freddy and Lisa’s at Mustang New Zealand was always going to be hugely popular – and so it proved, with around 30 Mustangs turning out (plus a handful of foreigners). With background music and some vibrant mixing and mingling the BBQ’s were quickly fired up and before long we were consuming some sumptuous offerings, and let us not forget the generous donation from our hosts of some Hell Pizzas to go with all the other goodies.  For the kids, the ever popular “bouncy space station” was set up (which amused some older attendees as well).

There were a number of special project cars on display in an adjoining warehouse (four in total). For one of our members the culmination of three years plus – how is that for patience! 

Several of our members were rewarded by Freddy and Lisa with a small gift to recognise support for  both the event and their business.

Roundabouts played a part in marginally ruining one member’s day – fortunately for Jamie and Kim next to no damage suffered.   What is it about Aucklanders and roundabouts! Mustangs always have the right of way - when will people learn.

The day that had started for many at 3pm ended close to 10pm.

 To Freddy and Lisa well done, a fantastic night with terrific generosity. Hopefully a must do event next year .


BOP/Matamata weekend away  29-30th March 2008

 Alarms set for 7am – normal for many of us on a Saturday – not so normal for some. Never mind that – a great adventure was to unfold. The weather was fine, although a little cloudy and the prospect of a leisurely jaunt to the BOP certainly looked most promising.  For one member the smell of petrol fumes waffling through the home meant a small problem before things had even started.  Off to the workshop to resolve and like Superman your esteemed editors arranged an early morning dash to pick Vanessa up whilst Mike performed miracles with his fuel line. As usual, we headed for the familiar rendezvous point of the BP Truck Stop at the Bombays.  And Yes, at 10.20am Mike arrived with problem solved (apart from not wearing any shoes) – a quick catch your breath and eight Mustangs, the most modern being Phil and Annette’s 1971 Mach One heading in a genuine convoy to our first stop – Waihi.   

A fantastic sight and considerable pleasure on the faces of the “locals”, both young and old.  It does full you with pride!  We drove down through the Hauraki Plains where sadly the farm land was exceedingly brown and dry - not a pretty sight and a reason to feel some sympathy for the farmers.

 Then we encountered problem number two - on the Auckland side of Ngatea. Your editors Mach 1 suffered a tyre blow out – at about 65mph.  The boys rallied together and in no time at all had the nuts removed, the car jacked up and spare tyre on, all in record speed (the race crews from Hamilton V8’s would be proud!).  More time was spent examining the damage to the tyre (see photo below) – the steel within the tyre protruding in a rather pronounced manner.  For those of you who are interested (and I know of at least three) the diagnosis is a puncture suffered some years ago, which had damaged the inside fibre of the tyre and over time has eventually collapsed within.  A valuable lesson for all of us with dated tyres. Cobra Coopers are the future!  At noon we arrived at Waihi and enjoyed lunch at the “Banana Pepper” café. Some time was found for a little R & R for the ladies at the new Arty Crafty Centre.   

The convoy then continued on to Tauranga and in particular Coastline Automotive. Arrival time was 1.45pm – we were met by Dale Mathers and a handful of other fellow AMOCers who had driven down earlier.  Dale unveiled a couple of his projects, including a complete rebuild of a 1965 Fastback used in Targa events and now earmarked for future classic racing (and remaining street legal). We were free to wander around the workshop, both upstairs and down, asking lots of questions.  We must sincerely thank Dale and the boys at Coastline Automotive for their time. So friendly and so accommodating. We parted company with a free shirt (P.S. Janis, don’t forget I’ve still got your orange Coastline T-Shirt).  From there we checked into the Hotel and headed on down into the rowdy part of Tauranga (the café scene) for some afternoon refreshments. The “legalise cannabis” bus reminded us how mixed up our youth are, as they swarmed around possibly looking for some free hand outs. Dinner that evening was at one of the local establishments (Breakers). Back at the hotel and the pool table came under some heavy pressure with little evidence of any budding Eddie Charlton’s.  At least it was our good fortune not to damage the cloth on the table! With the Blues playing the Bulls, as a background, the team of Janis and John prevailed.

  Sunday morning – and some bright soul who was clearly saddened to see a Mach 1 with an odd wheel decided to decorate the car by adding a “Nissan” hubcap to the mix. No one has yet owned up!  A convoy to The Mount with a huge breakfast on offer – special mention required of Phil’s pancakes. Then followed a brisk 35 minute walk around the base of the Mount to work off the bacon and eggs, with our esteemed president receiving word that some nine mustangs had just left the BP Truck stop on the Bombay’s for the journey to Matamata. Fantastic!  With Paul and Margaret leading the way we left The Mount behind and headed over the Kaimais to our final destination - Matamata Panel Work’s Open Day. Arrival was at noon. The entire street and adjacent premises were bustling with a variety of cars with Mustangs dominating.  It would be surprising if there were less than 50. A precursor perhaps for the next Mustang Convention!  On display were a huge variety of cars in various stages of restoration.  Many were Mustangs including a Boss 302 and 429. There was very much a buzz around the facility and all credit to our hosts for their open approach to the day. Most pleasing to see a charity benefiting from the occasion – well done guys. Two hours later and time for yours truly to plan a departure and along with some five or six other members we made an uneventful trip home with time for a 45 minute coffee stop to share experiences.  A real treat and a fantastic turnout of members. Costs were irrelevant – this was a memorable occasion.  And don’t be fooled by the fuel consumption of those big block motors – after having to fuel up several times on route both Ken and Trish were delighted to inform us that their gauge was reading incorrectly.  Yes, big blocks are not as thirsty as we all thought!



(These extra pics from Matamata PW Open Day contributed by Kim Kelly)


All Ford Day – 16th March 2008

 This year’s ALL FORD DAY was held at a superb new venue - Eden Park (South Stand car park).  The weather was great so it certainly was lovely to see the old and the new on show - over 300 cars, with approx 80 mustangs exhibiting.  Thanks to those who travelled from afar to show off their pride and joy. 

 Congratulations to Paul  Irvine (1968 green fastback) for 1st in Best Modified section and to Frank and Lynda Parker also taking home Ist prize in the People’s Choice section.

 Great organisation from the All Ford Day Committee, which included our own Mike Ironside and Neville Barton.


Hands on at PPG – 5th March 2008

 A “Hands On” Club night.  PPG Industries are leaders in automotive finishes.  At their premises in Mt Wellington, Larry Huggard (Territory Manager for PPG) arranged  for members to partake in the process of spray painting and sanding of car bodies, and for the use on the night - door panels.  For the painting side, those participating were given all the correct instructions then kitted out in protective overalls, masks and breathing apparatus, but looked  more like something from The Smurfs or TeleTubbies.  A number of the ladies took up the options to paint and sand, which is always good to see.   

All in all a very informative evening and thanks go to Larry and the team at PPG.



 BBQ at the Jacksons – 2nd January 2008

 Our first jaunt for the New Year was the annual run to Jim and Jan Jackson’s for a BBQ.  About 12 cars met at the usual rendezvous point - BP Truckstop at the Bombay’s.  Always a  great coffee spot!  From there Janis and Glenn led the convey on a lovely scenic tour through the vege growing capital of New Zealand - Pukekohe, and on into Tuakau.  At the Jackson’s we found another 6 muzzys had arrived earlier, so the paddock soon filled up. Deck chairs were then set up under the trees and awnings.  The BBQ was fired up under the control of “Chef de Jackson” .   The weather for the day turned out to be perfect and it certainly was great to catch up again with new and old friends.  Hopefully many more days like it to come. 


Pukekohe Swapmeet & Car Show – 23th and 24th February 2008

As usual the nominated meeting place was the Truck Stop at Bombay and it didn’t take long to realise that either Americarna or the rain had prevented most people from arriving. So… our convoy of Wayne in the lead (Falcon ute with banners and tents etc on board), followed by 2 Mustangs and 1 Bolwell, departed for Pukekohe.

Having put up the new Golden Era banner and parked the Mustangs in front of it, Wayne handily spotted Paul Hinton, who is minding his boss’s 66 Fastback (and working on it) - despatched him to get said Mustang to add to the display! He grumbled about the threat of rain and how he couldn’t bring it out, but we all prevailed and he buckled under the pressure.

Once it was beautifully parked and we now had a wonderful display of 3 Mustangs, of course, the rain came down in buckets and Paul was distraught. However, his distress seemed to vanish into thin air when he won 2nd prize in the Modern section!  The Club tent was put to good use by many people sheltering from the rain, including Mustang owners, Keith and Graeme who were there with Keith’s Model A, which won its section.

Although it was a very mini club event, those present had a good time.   Article by Margaret Broadbent


AmeriCARna – 20th - 24th February 2008

Our initial plans for a Wednesday departure fell victim to good old SNAFU, so the decision to join the intrepid few departing BP Bombay at 4.30am Thursday morning was made, and few there certainly were. So at 4.35am 3 mustangs (Freddie and son Max, Ian and Andrea, Janis & Glenn) and Janis’s brother Mark in his ’57 Chev set out for AmeriCARna. Cool air, American muscle, light traffic and a total lack of law enforcement made for great driving.

A couple of hours saw us at Te Kuiti refuelling, much to the delight of one of the local Iwi who’s whooping and hollering as he pulled into the gas station bought a smile to my face. After leaving Te Kuiti, thanks to a tanker and road works, we became separated, and wouldn’t ya know it shortly thereafter Freddy suffered a blocked fuel filter leaving Freddy and Ian on the side of the road. Sometime later we and Mark parked up on the coast with no cell phone coverage and a sneaking suspicion that Ian’s glowing GPS had somehow shown them a magical short cut. After a 40 minute wait and no sign of Freddy and Ian we carried on and got to New Plymouth as it started to rain, and were met by the morning rush hour traffic. After a couple of wrong turns (and a quick trip to One Burgess Hill to see if we could check in early), we made it back to the racecourse, to pull up directly behind our long lost travelling buddies. It was here we heard the tale of the hollering bro’ who had stopped to assist, shot away to the nearest farm returning quickly with the required filter. Here’s hoping all local farm machinery’s still operating!

That day’s cruise took in Inglewood, and what an introduction to cruising AmeriCARna style, on the way to the park ferme’s in Stratford and Hawera. It seemed that every power pole had an American flag or other form of Americana adornment, balloons, banners over shops, people outside houses, businesses and schools, cheering, waving, videoing, or just sitting back in comfy chairs soaking up the atmosphere.

As we pulled in to Stratford (our late arrival saw us at the end of the main street already blocked off with cars parked 4 abreast), it was the first opportunity for us to take in numbers, variety and quality of cars and we were not disappointed. After a couple of hours we were off to Hawera, the sun by this time was really beginning to shine, its position relative to the yard arm an indication to many that it was time to check out the offerings of the local licensed premises. Café’s and bars on & around the closed roads did brisk trade. The laid back atmosphere combined with the occasional American accent and the ease with which people mixed and mingled had an almost Mardi Gras atmosphere to it. A trip to the top of the Hawera antique water tower was available for the discounted sum of $1 (215 steps, but who’s counting) and provided fantastic photo opps. Departure was informal, with every one making their own way home, some opting to check out the Tawhiti museum and café on the way (well worth it by all accounts). That night we had a ‘first night BBQ’ at the hotel with a few quiets.

Friday saw a cruise to Opunake Beach along Surf Highway 45. Schools were really out in force, with American flags waving, and some teachers dressed in red, white and blue. We were fortunate enough to be cruising with 2 of the more entertaining rides in the form of ‘HOPNHO’ a car with enough air suspension that he got his front right wheel 3 foot off the ground, and spent as much time on 3 wheels as he did 4, and a dancing ’64 SS Impala that had the kids screaming for more. A laid back day at the beach, good food and sounds from a live band, with more cars turning up seemingly by the minute. A few went swimming and some even took to the air for a joy ride in a helicopter that to me looked like it owed its existence more to Meccano than any aeronautic engineer.

Departure was again casual, and the cruise back to New Plymouth very sedate with many opting to stop at pubs on the way. Some of the locals who had ‘set up camp’ in the morning with armchairs on the side of the road, waved as hard on the way back as they had that morning.

Disappointingly for the organisers perhaps, the planned Friday night street closure and cruise had to be abandoned at the last minute due to spectators and registered participants alike getting in early and parking all along the roads that were to have been closed. The decision was made to revert to open road and normal road rules in effect, however the thronging crowds that lined the footpaths (and road) actually made it possible to do a few laps before parking up and letting the more resilient continue. Quite an unnerving experience having many 100’s (1,000’s) of people looking at you, and very funny when at one point whilst waiting for a green light (though there was no other traffic around), a young boy approached the ’57 and asked if we had ‘air’. When Janis said, “sorry, no” he let out a disappointed ‘oooooooorrrrr’.

Saturday saw a main street parade and road closure, similar format to Friday night this time with no glitches, as roads were closed at 6am. Interestingly for me, the more orderly/formal parking, along with the more metropolitan feel of the shops and city didn’t quite have the same feel of Hawera 2 days earlier. Still plenty to see and do, and supremely well organised.

Though the threat of rain had hung overhead all day, Saturday night stayed clear, a good thing with the outside dance floor. The food was good and the efficiency with which they processed the numbers of people eating was a credit to all involved. That night’s entertainment a mixed bag (2 out of 3 ain’t bad). The first band put Freddy to sleep, but Elvis and his back up singers and dancing/singing trio in their own right “Abba Diva” had the dance floor full.

Sunday morning and the rain that greeted our entry to New Plymouth came back and with a little more persistence this time. Unfortunately it would have impacted on the attendance at the country fair held at the racecourse. Still there was plenty to look at, and we finally got to see the Riddler car inside the TSB stadium. Elvis was in attendance outside in his ‘Chapel of Love’ offering people the chance to reaffirm their vows, and we watched on laughing and cheering as ‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘Captain America’ in full costume did just that.

After a few hours of walking around in the rain with little evidence of it letting up, we opted to head north somewhat earlier than planned. After a short stop at White Cliffs Organic Brewery for some sampling, and co-incidentally pulling back onto the road just ahead of Ian and Andrea, we headed to Te Kuiti for lunch and fuel.

The road between Mokau and Te Kuiti appeared some sort of dead zone for USA tin, with a number of vehicles stopped on the side of the road. It was heartening to see no shortage of people stopping to lend assistance. Sitting in the café at the Te Kuiti gas station was like something from an old American movie, with pumps out the front occupied by a continually changing mix of hot rods, muscle and custom cars, and many more driving past, still with the mood of the weekend fresh in everyone’s minds, tooting and waving as they passed. Even the car park out back was full with cars, some just parked, others getting running repairs before continuing the journey northwards. Just one more highlight of a way cool weekend.

Quote of the weekend: Driver of white ’67 mustang to his partner who emerged from the hotel with a towel tucked under her arm “we’re not going to the beach today you know!”, “No”, came the immediate reply as she smiled sweetly, “but we are driving a mustang and it looks like rain!”

Wooden spoon contender: From the point of view of someone who is somewhat challenged in the area of being able to locate keys at almost any stage once I’ve finished using them, it was good to see someone else employ the same foolproof method I’ve used in the past. Simply lock them in the car until required. It’s just a shame there wasn’t a burglar alarm wailing whilst he tried entry. Still a mini bus full of mustangers' after a few beers, offering ‘helpful advice’ was almost as good.

To anyone who has thought about attending this event and hasn’t yet, we would say – DO IT. It was a brilliantly organised, fun filled weekend. The variety, quality and quantity of cars that were there was something to behold. The runs taking in the small towns around the ‘Naki, and their overwhelming support of the event was phenomenal. The police presence was minimal – only really showing themselves in official capacity when it came to crowd control on cruise night/day.

The accommodation at One Burgess Hill was sublime, a little out of town, but spectacular setting and brand new rooms, with good parking well away from the road for ease of mind. We’ll be back next year all things permitting!!

Article by Glenn Davies and Janis Skelly


Intermarque Concours d’Elegance – 9 and 10th February 2008

Saturday was a superb day to groom your vehicle and to partake in one of the many classic drives on offer.  Sunday – well a slightly different picture. Gloomy – patchy rain – some heavier showers – humid – some rare sun. Yes, this is Auckland. Eleven of our vehicles displayed under a fantastic six metre banner (which will become an integral part of future displays by the club). All looking a million dollars!

Our two entrants in the main part of the day (team judging) had their cars in fantastic condition – thanks to a handful of members who spent many, many hours grooming. Peter Maddren’s 1969 Mach One 428 cobra jet looked like it had just come from the new vehicle plant of Ford whilst Jim Jackson’s 1979 Pace Car looked as immaculate as ever. Under cover (weather meant that shelter was desperately sought) many volunteers applied the last minute touch in making the cars look that little bit special. It does say something for the competition when we just missed finishing in the top six (7th). You did us proud guys.

For the record Porsche won with a 911 Carrerra (white with green trim) winning the overall prize. There was a terrific variety of cars on display, with the host club (MG) matching the efforts of the past.  Lovely to see the members who joined us during the day and based upon enquiries throughout the day I think we can anticipate a number of new members during the coming months. The dream for many is close to being realized!

Congratulations to Ian Langley and the Concours Committee for organising such a wonderful event yet again

Article by Craig Borland


Waitangi Day Run and BBQ – Wednesday 6th February 2008

The day was perfect for a run. About 25 cars met at the club rooms and convoyed off, along the motorway, over the bridge, through Albany and then a picturesque drive down to Coatsville and Riverhead, where there was a small stop for refreshments.  A quiz was supplied by the President, which involved some pretty tricky questions.

Back to the clubrooms, the BBQ was fired up and the quiz was sorted. Sam Shackleton and Kevin Bender were the winners. Well done!. A pleasant way to celebrate Waitangi Day!
Article by Dianna Borland


Galaxy of Cars & Swap Meet, MOTAT – Sunday 3rd February 2008

The New Lynn Lions and MOTAT Galaxy of Cars was held on Sunday 3rd February, with over 600 vehicles of all types, including Mustangs, Jaguars, Holdens, Vaxhalls, Austin Healys, Fords, Chevs, Hillmans to name but a few. The warm weather and large MOTAT Motions Road site enabled thousands of people to come and share their passion of and curiosity for the motor vehicles of the past and present, also the opportunity to see one of the world's most unique aviation collections, in the Aviation Hanger.
 Article by Dianna Borland


Burger Fuel Run – Thursday 24h January 2008

Thursday 24th January was a lovely night for a cruise, so there was small team of AMOCers that met at the club rooms and headed off to Burger Fuel, on the Great South Road.

With a menu that reads Ford Freakout, Studnut Stilton, Peanut Piston, V8 Vegan and Nitris Seaside, how can any decent car enthusiasts resist, and as they say “Life Is Too Short To Eat Bad Burgers”. A very enjoyable meal. With the number of BF outlets throughout the city, definitely worth another run.

Article by Dianna Borland