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Auckland Club Past Events 2009 

Pukekohe Driverís Day

11th January 2009

The day dawned wet.  Yes, wet and where are we heading, Pukekohe Race Track!.  No, I didnít really want to put the Shelby through its paces on a wet track, itís not the car, itís the lack of skill of the driver, which was the problem.    However once we set off down the motorway the day improved dramatically.  9.30am was driverís briefing; No racing, no passing on corners, just pace yourself and remember to stay within your own capability.  Yeah right!!!  We went out for 3 laps behind a pace car to familiarize ourselves with the track, then it was all on.   Throughout the day we had 6 turns of 10 laps each, which was equivalent to 100 competition miles or 160ks on the day.  The Shelby churned through a full tank of gas just out on the track alone. 

The 10 Mustangs were grouped in with 8 Corvettes and we were flagged off at 15 second intervals.  This meant the faster cars soon caught the slower cars and burned them off, especially down the back straight.   After the first round of 10 laps, a number of us were starting to put down some quick laps.  Congratulations must go out to Graham Bishara who suffered a puncture on his second lap in the 1967 Convertible, but that didnít stop Graham, he just kept on circulating right to the very end when he almost had to be pulled from his car.  He just wanted to keep going well into the evening.  Mike Adams also must be congratulated for his car control.  I followed Mike on a number of occasions through the corners and that tail was well out and the rears were smoking regularly, but he was always in total control.  That í68 Notchback performed extremely well all day and took the thrashing that Mike gave it. 

The Shelby got involved in an all day duel with its next door neighbour, a 2008 Corvette Z06 with over 505HP and due to the competitive nature of both drivers the competition was a huge amount of fun, at some very high speeds.   The Shelby recorded 140 mph or 220ks down the back straight, with lap times of 1.14 seconds, with the Z06 putting down a best of 150mph and 1.13second lap time.

The day was hugely successful for those who participated and is a must in the future for members who would like to get the feel of what the racing drivers enjoy competing out on NZís premium race track.  Talk about the day with Graham, to really enjoy yourself one didnít have to be the fastest car on the day (there were no prizes) all you needed to do was simply circulate at your own pace and soak up the atmosphere.  A big thank you to Gary Lathrope for a very well run day.


 Kumeu Classic Car & Hot Rod Festival

 17-18th January 2009 

There simply could not have been a garage, barn, or shed left with a classic car in it, anywhere in Auckland, or North and South of the city, over the weekend.  As Classic Cars and Hot Rods descended on Kumeu for the two day festival.  The beauties  numbered in their hundreds, if not thousands - and there were lots and lots of muzzies in the mix. 

Although not promoted as a Club run, there certainly were AMOCers everywhere.  Keith Robertsonís newly rebuilt 1966 Fastback, and looking great, was a display car for Custom Metal Shapers Ltd of East Tamaki.     

The swap tents, static and aerial displays, all proved popular with the crowds.   The weather was fabulous.