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Manawatu Events 2001 Roundup

This page provides brief descriptions and photos from club events during 2001.

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Christmas 2001 Meeting: Sunday 2nd December

The last meeting of the 2001 year was the annual Christmas round-up, this year held at the Kaitoke Country Garden restaurant at the base of the Rimutuka Hill road 15 mins north of Upper Hutt. There was a brilliant turn out of about 60 members and perhaps 30 Mustangs.  After drinks and discussions there was a scrummy buffet meal, followed by a visit from Santa and his many elves who distributed presents to all the stallions, mares, fillies and colts. There was thanks from the club president and from convention organiser John Peters to all the club members who made the recent convention such a great success. (And thanks is also due from the club to the convention organisers who put in vast hours to make it all come together; very well done guys and gals!)

xmas2001-1.JPG (68660 bytes) xmas2001-2.JPG (69003 bytes) xmas2001-3.JPG (80032 bytes) xmas2001-4.JPG (74923 bytes)
(All Photos thanks to James O'Regan, and edited by Wal)


National Convention, Palm North, 19-22nd Oct.

Awesome!  Click this link for full details.


Palmerston North Meeting: Sunday 23rd Sept

The club members assembled at 11 am in Palmerston North at the Rose and Crown English Pub in Ruahine Street. Of immediate interest was a lovely red 2001 Cobra convertible ..the first new Cobra to enter the club stables. (see photo). Amid much discussion members enjoyed a pub lunch and few drinks, then assembled for the formal meeting. Key business on the agenda was to update members on arrangements for the coming Convention, and to allocate some key jobs to volunteers.

The meeting over, a number of cars proceeded up the road to the Power house Museum, a relic of the electricity generation in PN city in the 1920 and 30's. Two huge 1 MW marine diesel engines are still inside the power house, and both are capable of being run up, although they presently cannot generate because of damage to the wiring cause by vandals. Of particular interest was the antique control panels and switch gear mounted on slabs of tile and marble.

PNmeetsept01-1.JPG (112258 bytes)  PNmeetsept01-3.JPG (93101 bytes)  PNmeetsept01-2.JPG (70498 bytes)


Wanganui Meeting: Sunday 19th August

Very well attended in spite of a horrible weather forecast. Wellington members actually drove up in bright sunshine, and meet about 25 other mustangs from the Manawatu club as well as a few from the Taranaki Club. A brand new silver 2001 Cobra was on display, and the club line-up helped show off the new car very successfully. After a great BBQ lunch provided by Wanganui Motors, members lingers to chat over their cars, and a few wandered downtown and tried their hands at 10 pin bowling. 

 Wanganui_meet.JPG (90527 bytes)   wild mustangs.JPG (123923 bytes)   Wanganui_meet2.JPG (70643 bytes)

Check out the local Wanganui River City Press article 30 Aug, above. Mumm...all that attention to a 30 year old Mustang when the 2001 model sits all alone....;-) 

Masterton Meeting: Sunday 22 July 2001.

Another meeting on a very wet weekend, but well attended, nevertheless. 
The Buckhorn Bar and Grill made members very Welcome however, with a custom menu of 
Iaccoa Snacks, Shelby Sandwiches, 429 Steaks, Boss Burgers, Bullit Burritos, Mach 1 Fish... and ....
.....Chevy Chicken !!! ie too chicken to race..!

Meet_July01.JPG (114960 bytes)


Whitby Club Meeting: 17 June 2001

Club meeting held at the Whitby (Duck Creek!) Golf Club rooms. The heavy rain dampened outside activities, but inside the members enjoyed a meal, and videos and pictures of the recent Taupo Meeting, with presentations of prizes. the 20 Mustangs attending then headed out for the Police Museum, a place with exhibits to keep everyone fascinated! The remaining souls then braved the worsening weather headed up to Paekakariki to check out the steam Locos at "Steam Incorporated."

Whitby1.jpg (56676 bytes)     Whitby 2.jpg (55378 bytes)     steam engine.jpg (55732 bytes)
Photos: James O'Regan

whitby4.jpg (114440 bytes)    whitbygroup5.jpg (92900 bytes)   whitby6.jpg (149079 bytes)
Photos: Ron Dewsnap


Taupo Dual Sprint Circuit Racing: 20 May 2001

The club combined with the Ford Muscle Club for a day of dual sprints at the Taupo racing circuit. The day was cloudy, and a cool wind was zipping across the site, but the forecast rain held off. About a dozen MMOC cars joined at least twice as many other cars, and of particular note were several very rapid Falcon GT and GTHO's, as well as dedicated track cars of varying descriptions.  After the morning practice a few of the MMOC cars retired with various problems (or the drivers had adequately vented their racing instincts), and after lunch the remaining cars were let loose again. Starting grids consisted of just 6, with the cars started in pairs approx 10-15 seconds apart. This approach lessened the congestion on what is quite a short tight circuit, and with it, the chances of collision damage. Lap times for club cars were in the 1 min 50 sec area for the quicker cars. All in all a very exciting and really enjoyable day for those that came. There was much discussion about making it an annual event.

(Click on the following images to see full size.)

1. Photos from Wal Marshall

Taupo1.JPG (63469 bytes) Taupo2.JPG (61876 bytes) Taupo3.JPG (53566 bytes)

Taupo4.JPG (50553 bytes) Taupo5.JPG (103903 bytes) Taupo6.JPG (43499 bytes) Taupo7.JPG (83370 bytes)

Taupo8.JPG (56633 bytes) Taupo9.JPG (61350 bytes) Taupo10.JPG (116437 bytes) Taupo12.JPG (32240 bytes)

2. Photos from Phil Ward

Taupo 13.jpg (42846 bytes) Taupo 14.jpg (30265 bytes) Taupo 15.jpg (44180 bytes)

3. Photos from Joanne Compton

Taupo 17.jpg (70233 bytes) Taupo 18.jpg (24220 bytes) Taupo 19.jpg (30139 bytes)

Taupo 20.jpg (58094 bytes) Taupo 21.jpg (61641 bytes)

Photos from Keith and Charmaine Scott/Robinson

Taupo 22.jpg (31580 bytes) Taupo 23.jpg (27686 bytes) Taupo 24.jpg (42345 bytes)

GrassKana: 1 April 2001

Held on 1 April 2001, beside the Ohakea Airbase at Bulls. The weather was beautiful, and around 25 club cars had a fun day slidin around the tight and slippery grass course. Course times sharpened considerably during the day as drivers realised that the reason the women were cleaning up, was because the guys wild power slides on the corners (while great fun) were not the fastest way around the course.

Grass kana April 2001            grass kana Apriol 2001
Photos Wal Marshall

Moonshine All American Car Day: 4 Feb 2001

Held on 4 Feb 2001at Trentham racecourse Upper Hutt. A huge turnout of cars of all types of classic US cars, hot rods and plenty of Mustangs, on a (very) hot summers day. Those attending had a fabulous selection of all types of cars to droll over, as well as live rock and roll music.

All American car day          All American car day
Photos: Wal Marshall


Christmas Party 2000: 10 Dec 2000

Held at the Te Kowhai reception rooms in Levin, on 10 Dec 2000. It was a beautiful sunny day and a very enjoyable time was had by all.  The photo shows the club gathered after the Christmas meal.

Club Xmas party Dec 2000, Levin
Photo: Ron Dewsnap


National Convention 2000

Held in Auckland the convention was attended by approximately 20 club members with 14 cars. General agreement was that it was an extremely well organised and enjoyable event. The photo shows members at the 60's theme, evening prize giving function.

Convention 2000 
(Photo Ron Dewsnap)