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Manawatu Events 2005 Roundup

This page provides brief descriptions and photos from 2005 club events.

(Sorted newest at the top : Click any image to enlarge)

 Xmas Party, Sunday December 4th

A new venue was on offer this year as MMOC Mustangs rumbled into Tatum Park under cloudy but gradually clearing skies. It wasnt raining blowing or even cold as the cars were orderly parked and members new and old did the rounds checking out the excellent turnout for what has become the most popular event of the club year.


Particularly notable amongst the cars gathered was the pristine yellow 73 Mach 1 of Liz and Graham Phillips. This car had just emerged from a 10 year total strip down complete restoration, and the final result was as good you are ever likely to see. (Also picked as the "Chefs Choice" during later prize giving, proving the Chef knew what he was looking at!)


The main event was a relaxed buffet meal, interspersed with lots of breaks for raffle prize draws, and other prizes, plus the inevitable fining of half the club by sheriff Rick for hedonist offences like not bringing a Mustang, having desert before the main course, or pulling out your children's teeth at the dinner table! Mike Hampton should have been fined for winning back the prize his company donated (Repco), but redeemed himself by donating it back again for a redraw.

After tummies were filled beyond over flowing in some cases, it was time for the man in the red suit, this year brilliantly done by Ross Cheer, who with his arm twisted up behind his back finally accepted this excuse to get a hug or a kiss from all the women in the club, without realising that one of two of the guys were planning on getting one as well!

First the ladies..

Charmaine and Chris wait......then......jeese you put a guy in a red suit, and the women are all over him...

Then the Guys...

And the special prize for the biggest hairiest butt crack goes to....;-)) (Also last years winner!)

And a great time was had by all!
Story and pics - Wal Marshall).


Martinborough, Sunday November 13

This time the weather WAS was on our side as Mustangs converged from all directions into Martinborough's town square. Half a dozen cars came over the hill together from Upper Hutt and cruised into town to find another half dozen already there. More kept arriving till there must have been approaching 20 cars in all. John Camm was listening to a rather unfortunate noise in the engine of his convertible, but it survived the day ....and we are waiting to hear what the problem actually was...

Much catching up and chit chat ensued with several new members and cars making an appearance and being welcomed/checked out!. Then it was time for a coffee and lunch in the local main street cafes, and more relaxed chat.. convention activities being a popular topic!

Lunch over, and with drivers and co-drivers reassembled in the town square, it was off for the Scarecrow cruise through Gladstone country. There was not so many scarecrows left, but the beautiful sunny day and the stunning lush green spring countryside was all anyone could hope for and the drive was magnificent. 

Next stop was the Awaiti Gardens & deer farm for club meet and afternoon tea. During the meeting Mike Hampton (acting as sheriff) was the subject of divine intervention when after fining nearly everyone on the usual trumped up charges, a series of loud cracks signalled the complete collapse of his chair dumping him unceremoniously onto the floor! He was a bit shaken, but fortunately OK... Lesson?  Stand up when dishing out fines!   Story and pics - Wal Marshall.


Murrayfield Clydesdales, Sunday September 18

The weather gods were not on our side to begin with, but that didn't stop a surprising number of Mustangers from getting their ponies out of the stable to come and check out horsepower of another kind. The Murrayfield Clydesdale complex, near Shannon, has a museum, shop, café, stables and, of course, the 'gentle giant' horses.  The 14-week-old foal was a big hit as she wandered around checking everyone out. The weather cleared, we sat in the sun, enjoying another afternoon of good conversation, a great lunch and the pleasure of viewing impressive horsepower of both varieties.
Charmaine Scott and Jo Ferris




Run to Masterton, Sunday 21 August.  

We met up in the car park of the Copthorne Resort Solway Park in Masterton for a day in the sun.  20 cars graced the car park with a few entered in the show n shine.  Shane Baker took out first place with his Grabber Green 65 Fastback, with Pam Hatchard and Craig Oldfield taking out 2nd place with their 2001 Cobra.  Congrats.  The day continued with lunch and for those who were keen, a swing at the golf driving range at Café Solway behind the Resort. The café provided a great venue and a wonderful lunch. Jo Ferris

    (Pics Jo Ferris)


Palmy Mystery Poker Cruise: 24 July

Driving up; plenty of Sun!, Waiting at PN Start, Destination line-up at Cheltenham Pub

Charmaine & Ross chair the meeting, Members listen, The winning poker hand...

(Pics by Wal Marshall)


Hawkes Bay trip, 7th & 8th May.  

Below are a few photos of club cars at the Swap meet and a line up of those of us that stayed at the Motel.  There are a few other interesting cars (not Mustangs) from the Swap meet that caught our eye.  A great weekend had by all.  Saturday 7th we entertained ourselves at the U-Drive sprint cars chasing the clock around the oval track for the best time in the sprint buggies.  Then on Sunday 8th we made our way to join the rest of the group at the Swap meet grounds. Jo Ferris

Pictures and words from Jo Ferris