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Manawatu Events 2008 Roundup

Club Members!!!
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Wal Marshall

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 Wairarapa: Sunday 21 Sept 2008
Story and Pics from Jo.
The Wairarapa, a fantastic place to cruise around and what better vehicle than a Mustang to go cruising in! We started our day in Martinborough, sun shining, cars shining and people smiling. We parked up in the square and slowly wandered to a nearby café for coffee and a catch up, we don’t get over to the Wairarapa enough perhaps as I think we could have sat there all day chatting about this and that. But, there was more on the agenda for the day so about an hour later we headed for our cars and made our way to Gasoline Heaven in Carterton taking one of the scenic routes and a very nice drive it was, we shared the road with about 3 cars going in the opposite direction and a herd of cows wanting to cross the road (without a crossing) not really what you want to come across but no harm done to car or cow as we past. We all arrived at Gasoline Heaven, parked up in the carpark making for a fantastic display of fine automobiles. Bob of Gasoline Heaven was outside to greet us and tell us what he had on offer for us, a look see inside at the museum part which held a couple of Mustangs along with numerous other vehicles, an old Holden in the paddock that offered those with golfing skills to have a shot at, no point me having a go at that I can’t hit a golf ball to save myself. Our new member Richard Ash managed to hit it and was awarded with a Ford Flag from Bob (thanks Bob). All of this builds an appetite and a BBQ lunch was prepared for us to end the outing sitting out in the sun, eating a tasty lunch and again enjoying the company of friends.


Kapiti Ten Pin Bowling, Paraparaumu : Sunday 17th August 2008
Story and Pics from Jo.
Paraparaumu the destination for the month and the weather gods where smiling on the area too, the sun was out although still a little bit chilly standing outside. As people arrived it was a quick hi, how are you, lets go inside where it’s warmer! It was nice to see Mustangs pull into the car park for the day’s event and as Justin & I had been away and missed the July run it was especially nice to catch up with you all that attended! With lanes assigned, bowling shoes on, it was time to get the games on the go. Unfortunately, I have no shocking stories to tell of anyone bowling themselves down the lane still attached to their ball or bowling their ball backwards into the crowd, although I’m sure there might have been a funny moment or two as a heard laughter and saw smiles all round. Whilst I don’t think we had any professionals in the bunch there was a clear winner on the day with 4 strikes in a row through their game, was it beginners luck or just good eye, hand co-ordination. Anyway what ever the reason for the good skills, Con Faber was our winner and takes away the Ten Pin Trophy, yes folks there’s a trophy that was won back in 2003 by Sue Dewsnap and Sue kindly donated it back to the club for the winner of the 2008 Bowling event. This will be awarded to Con at the next meeting. After bowling we made our way to the café area for a bite to eat, a meeting and a happy birthday song to Rohan.

The day ended with a few making their way back to the Diffey's to have a look see in the garage and another coffee for the road. Thanks Craig & Tania for opening up your home & garage.



Fielding Coach House Museum : Sunday 20th July 2008
Story from Alan Hughes, photos are from Faber family.

With fair skies we met in Fielding Square for another social Mustang outing. With about 17 Muzzy’s and a couple of Jappa’s parked in the square for a couple of hours it certainly created a lot of interest with the local public. It was great to see members coming through from H/bay, Wellington and Auckland or was that Palmy and the effort and presentation of the cars despite the weather.
After the early birds had grabbed a coffee we dashed slowly (remembering our ages) over to the square to watch everybody else arriving, one choice moment was seeing Tony & Reawyn Poynter cruising in with the sun gleaming off their Notchback, know wonder they won a coffee voucher, more on that later.


With 11 o’clock nearing it was time to rally up to walk around to the Feilding Coach House Museum while the local policeman’s two sons watched our cars for us. The museum is based on the horse drawn era through to old Henrys first model ‘T’, I thought the museum was fabulously presented. (Hope you all enjoyed it)

Next it was a dash between the showers around to Robert Harris for another coffee and lunch followed by the club meeting/fines and raffle results. (Winners Dave, Peter & Craig) As leaving Robert Harris everybody was handed their Mystery Cruise papers and pencils for stage three of the days activities, let the fun begin! This was to be a short easy 30 minute cruise finishing at Mt Biggs then over to Grant & Linda Hughes place for a friendly chat, prizes and yes another coffee along with home baking before departing.

There were 15 questions to answer on the way with a total score of 702. Not mentioning any names, there were some who took 30 minutes longer than most, and had to be phoned, Dave & Eileen now know how easy it is to bring on a divorce, and Mike & Margaret from Napier were seen reverting to a road map to no avail as they had the map up side down. Well done guys at leased you finished in time for a cuppa. Going slow, stopping for a cuddle or simply just turning up Lethbridge Street instead of Lethridge road paid off for Dave & Eileen as they were our winners along with Bruce & Linda, new members from Wellington. There’s got to be a couple of fines here, hope you had fun, we did even though I had to wipe the rain off Margaret’s seat as somebody left the window down, bugged if I know who though.   


Milton Thomas from Robert Harris kindly donated six coffee voucher’s for the following ….. (Many thanks Milton, I will pass your Robert Harris Feilding Voucher’s onto the winners. )  Alan Hughes

Best presented – Tony & Raewyn Poynter

Minders Choice – Dave & Eileen Bensemann
Best plate – Grant & Linda Hughes
Gruntiest Looking – Craig & Tania Diffey
Meanest Pipes – Caroline Brooks & Allen Mitchell
Smoothest Colour – Peter & Beth Richardson



 USA Trip Reports (for info of members)
Story and Pics from Jo, and Charmaine..
Wal here's a couple of pictures from our few days in Las Vegas. We just couldn't keep away from Mustangs, even hired one for the day to drive around in.
We're now in LA and are with John & Chris. We'll be back in touch later in our travels. Hope you're not too cold, it's been a nice 34-40 her and in Vegas.
Take care, Jo, Justin, Char, Keith, John & Chris



Annnd.. now..

a pic of Keith Robinson with....John Force!!


We pulled into Santa Barbara for some lunch and a look around. A beautiful little shopping area and as we were driving around looking for a place to park our touring van I spotted the nose of a 70 Mustang poking out of a garage. We just had to pop over and see what the place had to look at. The owner of the workshop was most kind to show us what his shop was working on at the time, mostly Mustangs but there were a couple of other vehicles on the go too. (Jo)


Mustangs Plus, Stockton, USA……the trip wouldn’t be complete without stopping into at least one of the Mustang parts dealers in the States and we were getting towards the end of our trip and so it was Mustangs Plus we visited. We walked into their shop area; I wonder how many times since they opened they’ve had 6 Kiwis walk in and spend money over the counter, yes we spent a little bit between us. The men took turns at the counter placing their order whilst we ladies took a load off, a little too hot outside to stand around out there for the hour or so whilst the boys were man shopping. The wait was worth it though as we were treated to the showroom and the workshop for a look see at the projects on the go and a lot of projects there were. We even got to talk to one of the dozen concourse judges in America, we nearly had to physically pull Justin away from talking to him, he was making the most of talking to a man that from what I heard of the conversation knows all there is to know about concourse and the way the factory put cars together back in the day.

Sunday 22nd June – AGM, Palmerston North
Story and pics from Jo
Well this day wasn’t a sunny one and that’s probably why the numbers were low, only about 11 Mustangs made their way out of the garage. But, never mind the show must go on. After filling ourselves as much as possible with lunch to avoid too much going to waste we settled down to the meeting part of the day. A few changes of the guard and discussions about this and that and the day was done.



Sunday 25th May – Ultimate Minigolf at Leisureplex, Palmerston North
Story and Pics from Jo
Golf a game of skill and endurance, both of which we didn’t need to have on this particular day as we ventured into the Leisureplex complex for a leisurely game of Minigolf. Not too hard to play and for most of us it’s a game of luck rather than skill - I know that’s the way it is for me at least. My skills were left at home as most of my shots ended up in the sand bunkers, adding to my score. But what’s in a score anyway, it’s all about having fun with friends and we did just that. After putting our way around 18 holes, we moved into the café for a bite to eat and a meeting.


May 3rd/4th – Hawkes Bay Weekend
Story and Pics from Jo

Our annual run to the Hawkes Bay was back on the agenda this year after missing 2007. Marineland Street Rods, host of the Meeanee Swap meet and car show extended an invite to us again as the Mustang was the feature marque this year. The weekend kicked off with lunch at the Cider Tree Café on Saturday where 16 caught up with each other, enjoyed some lunch and then set out for a cruise around the Hawkes Bay. We made a stop at the Clive Motel for a quick meeting in the sun, then on with the cruise. Part of the cruise took us along a section of road that is used for the Targa Rally, we didn’t know this before we headed off, although it’s not like any of us could have gone any faster than we were, some of it was a little narrow and there were some tight turns, all good fun no matter how fast you go, just getting together and cruising is what it’s about.

The Hawkes Bay produced another fine day for show day on Sunday, we parked up nice and early in the morning, then spent the rest of the day milling around the swap meet looking for a bargain and strolling the show car aisles, taking in all 350 vehicles on display, eating and drinking (coffee of course). To close out a great day, a couple of our club members walked away with special Mustang trophies, Con Faber for Best Fastback and Mark Beel for Best Convertible.



March 30th – The Maize Maze, Sanson
Story and Pics from Jo

A club run to the newly relocated Maze was the destination for the day, unfortunately the rain and All Ford Day in Palmerston may have contributed to the small number of people that made it, but those that did enjoyed good coffee, food and company of course. The rain kept us out of our Mustang and out of the Maze. A dedicated few laughed at the rain and got their Mustangs out anyway, but as I mentioned not too many, I only counted 10 I think it was.




All Ford Day at Southwards – 6th Jan 08
Story and Pics from Jo

Another fun day in the sun hosted by the Zephyr Zodiac club. Yes this year the sun came out for the day, bringing with it more cars to see and people to talk to. I counted about 37 Mustangs parked up at one stage, from old to really, really new. So, for those of us partial to the Mustang there was a lot to look at, over, under and in of course, along with a wonderful variety of other Ford makes and models. For icing on the cake, the Mustangs judged Best and Runner-up were both MMOC cars. A great Sunday out and about, some of us getting down to the Otaihanga Domain for a wander in the dust around the Hot Rods and the like that parked up for the Annual Picnic Day.

Three photo Panorama

Other general pics. Far right pic..... some of the less well known MMOC members from Kapiti....;-)