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Other Cars

A collection of Mustangs from individuals and from all sorts of places.

1 What not to do to your favourite Mustang!  (Photo from Aussie convention in 1999 held at Bendigo, Victoria). 
2 Or if you dont like a Ute,  try a wagon...
3 Bruce Hastie: 68 J code coupe, with 302 4v and c4 auto, the colour is Brittany blue with original vinyl roof.  


Pete from Auckland: 1997 Mustang GT Convertible, Left Hand Drive, 4600cc V8 Direct Ignition, Auto, Full Black Widow Body Kit, 18 inch VR Alloys, Leather Seats Front Sway Bar, Twin Stainless Mufflers. Imported from Japan October 2004.

Clarence Bush: My car is by far the most favourite car I've ever owned. I have 45k miles on it.  I drive it every day to work.  I don't see myself ever being without it.  I'm the first owner too. The ragtop is black.  I love my California Special!  I live in Georgia USA.