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Southern Mustang Club Events 2002

Saturday 16th Nov 02: Falcon and Mustang Show

To finish off the year we had a Falcon & Mustang Show on the 16th Nov 02. There were about 80 cars in. 

Allan Moffat was Guest speaker which went down very well with an evening meal. Allan's pick of the Mustangs was;

1st  69  428 Super Cobra Jet, owner Buggy,
2nd 68  Fastback,  owner  P Coulthard,
3rd  67  Fastback,  owner  R Kelly.

These were all Southern Club Members, with a turnout of 34  Mustangs and they looked great. 
Les & Kathy.

M&Fshow1.JPG (57126 bytes) M&FShow2.JPG (73900 bytes) M&FShow3.JPG (69179 bytes) 
M&FShow4.JPG (62113 bytes) M&FShow5.JPG (64682 bytes) M&FShow6.JPG (64587 bytes)
 Photos by Alan Sadler

Saturday/Sunday 10/11th August. 2002. OAMARU

 Report by Roger  N.   Photos by Les Sutherland

We were all to meet outside the Invercargill Ascot Hotel at 8’oclock in the morning. Unfortunately we were running a bit late and ended up arriving at about 10 minutes past 8, and only Les and Kathy were there. We decided to wait until 20 minutes past before heading off to Oamaru. Unbeknown to us we missed the main bunch by about 5 minutes. The weather had cleared up and was cloudy with no rain. The drive to Dunedin was quite pleasant with very little traffic. We eventually arrived in Dunedin about 10:30am and met up with the rest outside McIvor and Veitch, the local Harley Davidson dealers.

A few minutes of chit chat about meeting places, timing and using cell phones was discussed. Then it was off up towards Oamaru (at quite a pace!). We arrived in Oamaru about 12:45pm just slightly before the Canterbury Mustang Owners Club turned up. It was then time to book into the hotel, have a bite to eat and then meet in the Brydone hotel car park at 2:00pm.

Aug 02brydonpub.jpg (53111 bytes)

We eventually left at about 2:45pm and headed off down the coast road to Maheno via Kakanui. We eventually arrived at the Maheno Tavern. We were only there about 10 minutes and a large group of Harley's turned up, including a Chevy powered V8 trike.

 Aug02Mahenopub1.jpg (65293 bytes) Aug02mahenopub2.jpg (66107 bytes)

A few drinks there and then we headed back to the Public Bar at the Brydone Hotel.

After having dinner in the hotel, some of the group decided to visit some other watering holes in town and some decided to have a small nap,  watch “Gone in Sixty Seconds”, and then meet up in the Totara Room to watch the All Blacks play the Springboks.

After a late night, (or was it an early morning?), it was time for brekkie and then head off down to the old part of Omaru and park the cars up and have a natter while some went looking in the local market stalls.

Aug02lmornlineup.jpg (61645 bytes)

We all eventually left in our own time and headed back to our home town’s. In all there were 19 Mustangs and 1 Cougar on Saturday and 20 Mustangs and the Cougar on Sunday.  1965: 5, 1966: 4,  1967: 2 ,  1968: 4, 1969: 5,  1970: 2  

It was a good weekend, the weather was kind to us and I think everybody enjoyed themselves.


Sunday 16thth June. 2002. Western Southland, Round the Mountain

 Report by Ivan and Photos by Les Sutherland

Sunday morning dawned fine & clear with just a hint of frost,13 cars assembled at Feldwick Gates and after Vic had extracted some money from us for prize draws we headed for Riverton. We were all enjoying the warmth of the sun & a chat on the main street, when Vic rumbled off towards Tuatapere apparently in search of icebergs at McCrackens Rest. There was a quick scramble into the cars to catch up & yes the icebergs were there somewhere as the air was just a bit too brisk for most.

 June02riverton.jpg (50172 bytes)  June02McCrakensrest.jpg (37566 bytes)
Riverton                                        McCrakens Rest

A quick run to Tuatapere and 11 Mustangs & 2 Cougars lined up to create a photo opportunity not to be missed.From there it was on to Otautau for lunch & judging of the cars by the locals.   

June02tuatapere.jpg (24504 bytes)  June02Otahtau.jpg (34434 bytes)
Tuatapere                                              Otautau


Sunday 19 May 2002: Run  to  Tuapeka &  Lawrence

 Report by Neil & Ainsley.

We met at  Ascot Park around 8.30am. Six cars in all. Vic lead the charge to Balclutha and met up with 3 cars from Dunedin & one from Balclutha. Had a quick cuppa and bite to eat then off on a scenic drive of about half an hour along the Clutha river heading for the punt at Tuapeka. This is believed to be the only one still operating in the Southern Hemisphere. Its certainly a unique and amazing way of crossing the river using only the current. The punt can carry two cars at once and only six cars were brave enough to make the crossing, it took just five minutes each trip. 

Tuapeka 1.JPG (85259 bytes) Tuapeka 2 cropped.JPG (92616 bytes) Tuapeka 3.JPG (100143 bytes) Tuapeka 4 cropped.JPG (68824 bytes) Tuapeka 5.JPG (89342 bytes)

After we all met on the other side we headed to Lawrence for lunch. A very scenic place with nic –nac shops, good pub & café. After a stroll around town we headed for home. All in all it was a great trip.

 Sunday April 21, 2002:  Curio  Bay 

Report by Les & Kathy Sutherland


When we arrived at Feldwick Gates at  1pm on a sunny Sunday, almost everybody else including John from Dunedin were all lined up rearing to go. So at 1-15pm lead away by Roger N we headed off to Curio Bay.

The line of 10 cars was added to when a fast approaching K-Code appeared in the mirror. Our first stop was at Waikawa where we were greeted with hot drinks & refreshments. Very nice thank you.

Back in the cars and away to the beach at Curio Bay , where we parked up to enjoy the scenery, beachcomb, take photos & check out the Fossil Forests.

We left about 3-15pm to head back to the Gorge Road Country Club. John turned right to check out his gravel driving skills on the way to Balclutha then home to Dunedin. We arrived at Gorge Road & settled down to a couple of well deserved drinks & a good yak after which we headed off home, having had a very nice drive .  Hope you had the same.