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Completed Southern Club Events 2009   

    10th Anniversary Run to MANDEVILLE Airfield : 19 Sept 2009
It was a great day. Went back for a meal out then around to the working men's club for the main event, great night to finish off .

Back Row  |      The group    |  Looking Good  |  Front row

Back Roads     |     Oh Yea,        |   Oh Yea again.


Winter Run To Cromwell and Naseby: 01 August 2009
with our friends from Christchurch and out of town members.

      Early wake up call    |       Cromwell   |     Listen up        | 32 cars on the road | Ice Curling at Naseby

 Line 1        |         Line 2      |       Line 3         |         Line 4      |      Line 5        |       Line 6

        Indoor Ice curling Brilliant !  | Ice Luge, Very Fast, some bark was lost.

Chatto Creek | Where's those judges? | The Pub  | Competition Time | Club members pick for Best car
Comp Trophy |  Best car, Lewis Gray |  Hard Luck | Comp Trophy Winners SOUTHERN.

And a very good weekend was had by all!.  Les.


   Mustangs at Teretonga

Trip to Curio Bay to visit Niagara Falls Cafe  21/6/09.

Hill Top over looking Curio Bay

Edendale Pub , Great Mousetraps