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Completed Southern Club Events 2011

  National Convention hosted by Southern Club 
Labour Weekend October 2011

TUATAPERE Picnic, Sunday 23 Oct

10 September 2011.

Our September run from Invercargill took in some back roads to Lawrence for lunch then on to Harts Black Heart Brewery ruins and daffodil fields. After that we came back via Tapanui and visited a restored church which is a gift shop run by Chrystal Arthur. For the blokes her husband Grant has many different American cars in various stages of building (Corvette, Chevy Nova, Galaxie, Chrysler, etc etc etc). After that the team headed for home at their leisure. Beautiful weather at Lawrence and Tapanui after a wet start from Invercargill made for a great day.
Report and photo’s Graeme Kennedy.

Lawrence Main Street  |  Harts Black Heart Brewery ruins


6th February 2011.

The morning started off cool, overcast and with a few light showers. At about 9:45am we headed off to the meeting point for the 2 hour drive up to Kingston. The Mach 1 with Roger, Anne and Julie was the only car to turn up. At 10:15am we left and headed out of town towards Winton. Looking up to the North we could see a nice clear blue sky indicating that we would soon be in for a nice sunny warm drive. We stopped at Winton New World for essential supplies and kept heading North. After about 5 minutes out of Winton the weather cleared and we enjoyed a hot sunny drive until our next stopping point which would be Lumsden. Gary & Leonie met us there, and at this point the convoy had now doubled in size to 2 cars.

Next stop was Kingston, about 40 minutes drive. At Kingston we unloaded our gear at the crib where we were to stay the night and then headed on down to the waterfront reserve where the concert was being held. On the way we stopped in front of the ‘Pacific Jemm’ which was due to be launched off the beach the next day. By this stage there were a few clouds with a temperature of about 33 degrees. With a BBQ, snacks and a few drinks we settled down for a good afternoon’s entertainment. The band “The Business” started at about 2:00pm and finished at about 5:00pm when the heavens opened up and it poured with rain. It was then back to the crib for the night.

The next morning it was clear and sunny, so it was off down to the waterfront to watch the ‘Pacific Jemm’ being launched and then off back home to Invercargill. What a great way to celebrate ‘Waitangi Day’.
Report and photo’s Roger N.

 Where are the rest ?, | Stopped at Winton for a stock up. | Meeting with the other pony.

Kiwiana Crib’ for the night’s accommodation. |The ‘Pacific Jemm’ at Kingston waterfront ready for launching.

19. 4 Ponies on display at Kingston Reserve. |  “The Business” in full swing doing “Miss You” by the “Rolling Stones”.

JANUARY 22ND 2011.

Our group, consisting of 2 cars from Invercargill (Roger in his 1969 Mach 1, and Les and Kathy in their 1970 Coupe) and 1 from Edendale (Gary & Leonie in their 1968 Notchback) left at different times on the Friday with a meeting place of Wesney Terrace in Kingston. We all eventually meet up at about 3:30pm and headed off round the Lake Road via Frankton and Cromwell to Tim and Frankie’s place in Pisa Moorings where we were to stay for the weekend.

A really nice meal was put on by Frankie and after we had finished we all hopped in our cars (total of 4 now) and headed back into Cromwell for the Night Cruz that had been organised by the Alpine Car Club. The meeting point was outside the College in Barry Avenue. About 155 cars left for a couple of figure 8 drives through the Streets of Cromwell Township. The streets were lined with the locals, who were all cheering and waving which encouraged some of the drivers to demonstrate the awesome power of their V8’s.
Then it was back to the Racecourse where the raffles were drawn.
Our group was lucky and picked up a few prizes.
Later that night we headed back to Pisa Moorings to watch a couple of NZV8 DVD’s and have a few quiet drinks.

Next morning dawned bright, clear and hot and it was to stay this way for the rest of the day. After a hearty breakfast we all headed of to the Alpha Street Recreation Grounds where the show was to be held. We parked up and watched as the ground filled up with a huge variety of cars covering many years. There was a very large turnout of Muzzy’s. The total vehicle count was 503!. A record turnout.

After the show had finished we went back to Pisa Moorings for a BBQ tea, a freshen up and then into a couple of Courtesy Vans which took us back to the Racecourse for the “After Show Party”.
A good night was had by all and then about 12:30am we headed back for a quiet nightcap and well needed sleep.

Next day the weather was the same, and after another amazing “brekkie” we all headed of back home about midday.
Garry, Leonie and I headed back via Kingston where we stopped for lunch and met up with a bunch of other people who had been to the show.
After lunch we headed back to Invercargill with Gary & Leonie turning off at Lumsden towards their place.

All in all a great weekend and looking forward to it again next year.
Report by Roger N, photo’s by Les S.