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Completed Southern Club Events 2017

 EVENTS 2017

Christmas Run & Party

A Xmas Run to Lumsden was organised for Friday the 8th December. Four cars left the Feldwick gates at 11.30am and arrived at Route 6 Café and Bar at 12.30pm. We were then joined by two other cars coming from the other direction and we all sat down to a lovely meal and a few drinks. After the meal we headed back to Invercargill to get ready for the Xmas function at Motorcyle Mecca which was at 6.30pm. Much noise and merriment was had by all which was aided by the club putting $1500 on the bar as well as shouting for the meal. A great day all in all...........which is the usual when you own a Mustang and get to go for a drive in it !!