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  1966 SHELBY GT350 #349

This superb vehicle is an original numbers matching K-code Hi Performance 289 with dealer installed Paxton Supercharger option (400 hp) and Shelby modified High performance C4 Auto. It is Wimbledon White with Guardsman Blue Le Mans stripe and black interior.

As a group, the 1965-66 Shelby Mustangs are considered to be the purest in concept; they deliver pure uncompromising performance!. Early model Shelby GT350’s are among the most sort after collector cars you can find. Click here for more information on the model history.

This vehicle # 349 with Paxton Supercharger option was owned in the USA by Keith Harvey (owner of PAW Performance Automotive Warehouse) and by Craig Conley – owner of Paradise Wheels and franchise/patent holder for all early Paxton Supercharger products.  It was imported to NZ in 2002 by Graeme Snell of New Plymouth and after extensive detailing, was on sold to Mike Morton of Auckland in May 2008.

This vehicle has been meticulously maintained in fully driveable condition. It is believed to have all original panels, mostly original paint, interior, carpet and seat belts. It was subject to an engine rebuild just prior to being imported. Everything works including the Ford AM radio and the heater. The glove box lid has been personally signed by Carroll Shelby.

“Good things come to the driver of a GT350. Its cornering ability is a lovely mixture of the beast getting the better of you
as you keep holding the tigers tail”  Car and Driver, May 1966.

During 2005,2006 and 2007 the car gained a second place and two first places for “Best Shelby” at the New Zealand National Mustang Conventions against stiff opposition.

The VIN is SFM6s349:  Decoding: S = Shelby, F = Ford, M = Mustang,  6 = 1966,  s = Street,  349 = consecutive production number. (After the ’65 carry-over cars  - 349  is one of the first one hundred 1966 cars built).

Both the Ford and Shelby VIN numbers have been verified by Howard Pardee at SAAC (See photo collection below)

There is extensive documentation and receipts which have been kept together with the car over a great number of years. This includes a copy of the original sales invoice to Hi Performance Motors, (See copy in photo collection below) an ultra rare Special Vehicle Order and Part Specification relating to the first 100 1966 units built, a full page article in Super Fords Feb 1994, a number of early photographs and an original poster.


 Factory New Specifications 

289 CID Hi Performance engine

(Dealer installed PAXTON Supercharger option)

High Rise Aluminium intake Manifold

Hi Performance Heavy Duty 3stage Auto Transmission

Cast Aluminium COBRA Oil Pan with special baffles

Cast Aluminium COBRA Valve covers

Hi Performance TRI-Y Headers/Dual Exhaust system

PCV Crankcase Vent system

Dash mounted Cobra 9000rpm Tachometer

Shelby American Front/Rear Suspension package with

1 inch diameter front anti roll bar and fully stabilised torque controlled rear axle with override traction bars

Adjustable Koni Heavy Duty Shocks  Front/Rear

Shelby American  19:1 Quick Ratio Steering modification

Ford Woodgrain Deluxe Steering Wheel with GT350 Logo

Shelby American/Cragar  Cast Alloy Wheels

Kelsey Hayes 4 pot Caliper ventilated front disc brakes

Oversize rear drum brakes with sintered linings

Integrally designed fully functional fibreglass air scoop

All black interior with bucket seats with Shelby approved 3 inch quick release competition seat belts

Rear compartment luggage panel/rear folding seat

Rocker Panel stripe and identification

Rear quarter panel Plexiglas windows


 Detailed Current Specifications   

Subject Details
Engine- 289 Hi-Performance K code V8 - NUMBERS MATCHING (not many true GT350's still with their original engine!!) Fully rebuilt Oct 2000. Paxton Supercharger initially fitted by first owner and sold by second. 1991 Craig Conley of Paradise Wheels fitted a new Paxton and was the subject of a full page article in Fast Fords (magazine included) this was  removed when he sold the car but a brand new Paxton was again installed by Craig in 2000/01 . Hi Po heads removed 2003 and installed with new technology to allow for better flow and NZ fuel. 2006 - Tri Y headers ceramic coated for better flow and longevity. New Flowmaster 2 1/2inch mufflers installed.  No expense has been spared with the upkeep and maintenance of this vehicle.
Transmission Shelby modified High Performance c4 automatic. Fully rebuilt 2001
Rear Axle Ford 9 inch Heavy Duty application. 2003 3.5:1 open removed and 3.0:1 trac lok installed (orig diff head avail)
Suspension 2004 Adjustable Konis front and rear replaced (old ones avail). As this is an early '66 car it has the very desireable override traction bars.
Brakes Kelsey Hayes Front disc and rear drum - non power assist. All fully reconditioned in 2002 to meet NZ compliance requirements.
Wheels - 15 inch Shelby/Cragar's installed 1992? by Craig Conely of Paradise Wheels. 2006 Brand new BFG High Performance tires fitted.
Glass - Except for the front windscreen, all the glass is original in good condition. The rear plexiglass has a few minor cracks around the very lower edges. All the bright work is excellent but the bumpers are starting to show a little pitting.
Interior - Mostly original. As per the pictures, the carpet is showing signs of wear and tear over the years but has not been replaced. The  seat covers have been at some stage but some stitching is now starting to require repair. The hood lining is excellent, the rear fold down seats are in great condition (have seen little use over the years i would suspect) as is the rear parcel shelf.  All interior items work .
Exterior - Factory Wimbledon White with Guardsman Blue Le Mans stripe which was a rare Shelby ordered option not Dealer installed. It appears there has been NO SHEET METAL REPLACEMENT. Mostly original paint but has been subject to quite a few touch-ups over the years (after all they are only original once). All the fibreglass is in excellent condition including the hood
Undercarriage All original - a lot of the factory red-oxide paint and original undercoating is still evident. Some factory markings such as paint daubs and grease pencil are still visible. NO RUST.
Trunk  Was subject to a freshen up late 2005. Factory sealer pointing had become brittle so replaced, new boot rubber, new paint to trunk lid and new boot liner


Photograph Collection

General Pictures of Exterior






Engine Bay