Coverage of Convention 2009

The Taranaki Mustang Club Inc in association with Swann Insurance, Southern Mustang & Ford Spares, and Radio Hauraki,
was proud to host the 30th National Mustang Convention during Labour weekend 23-26 Oct 2009.

The Taranaki weather was glorious for the whole event and the convention went off without a hitch due to
 very professional organisation and management by the Taranaki Mustang Club.

Coverage of the events will be posted below as time permits , and contributions are received.

Judging Results from the show are Here

Waikato Club photos are here


Thursday 22 October: Travelling There

Thursday was the day many participants choose to travel to New Plymouth, and for those that did they mostly drove through heavy rain much of the way. As a result about 50% of the convention cars arrived soaking wet and muddy on Thursday afternoon, and any thoughts of car preparation were abandoned to the promise of a better weather forecast for the following day.

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 Friday 23rd October: Car Preparation and Registration

Oh glorious sun !! The day dawned calm and sunny and perfect for car cleaning and polishing. The hotel car park was a hive of activity all morning. By midday most cars were completed and put under covers ready for the show next day. Some clubs took their members off on organised outings in the afternoon.  Manawatu and others visited the Tupare park at the entrance to New Plymouth and were most impressed by yet another lush Taranaki garden.. and free entry!)

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7.30 pm saw the registration gathering in the hotel. The goodies bags (and buckets) were considered the most generous anyone could remember, and included free a tee-shirt, magazines, heaps of pens, a mug, amongst many other items. The striking convention Polo's were also popular with their red, white and blue colour scheme. In addition to the registration packs, the Taranaki club also began a process of giveaways that continued all through the convention weekend, so yet more goodies were added to the haul!

 Well , the day we have all been waiting for had arrived and so has the decent weather we had all been hoping for. After Thursday being such a crappy day weather-wise, it was lovely to wake up and see some sun shine, just what Mustangers on the road were hoping for.  I glanced at all the paper work, files, etc etc scattered all over our dining table and all the shirts and caps in neat piles all over the lounge floor and thought we might be able to use the table after this weekend. Must admit we did have a little sleep in this morning, knowing it was probably not going to happen again for a few days.

Dave's first assignment was to transport goodies down to The Plymouth from Snelly's and to take the stands up to the Stadium.... mine was to help out at The Plymouth doing up the goodie bags.. Our team arrived at about 2pm and looked at all the boxes of products to go into the bags. ….... these goodie bags were going to be chocka. …. and they were. It didn’t take us that long to get them all organized and so that was one job out of the way....great team work. Dave had the pleasure of driving “Edward” up to the Jockey Club.... Edward being Ken and Julie's lovely 95 Cobra.... got the name as the Registration plate begins with EDW......We both have taken a shine to Edward and I was a bit envious that Dave had a drive. Our car was placed in the Stadium, so that was another job out of the way.

It was good to have an hour or two free before registrations began to tidy up all those little things that need doing. On arriving in the Registration room at 6.30pm everything was set up ready to go and it wasn't long before the Mustangers started arriving, all eager to get going. It didn’t take too long to get everyone registered and it all went without a hitch, much to my delight.  It wasn't long before our Mayor breezed on in and welcomed everyone and took the opportunity to tell our visitors about this great province and encourage them to use the credit cards around town. He's about as hyper as Tim Shadbolt!!!

Roger, as usual, in his very professional approach, was the MC for the evening and got the ball rolling with some lucky drawers.......our guests were absolutely blown away with the prizes they received and the fact that we had so much to give selling raffle tickets for us. I overheard quite a few talking about how generous our club was. The jacket that was up for auction was displayed and I think there was quite a bit of interest in it.... that would be finalized over the weekend.

It was great watching people meeting up with fellow Mustangers from all over NZ and there were lots of smiling faces around the room and heaps of chatting going on. I met up with Errol and Pam Lack from Auckland.... small world.... I used to count Errol's $$$ (no, I mean Pounds, shillings and pence) when I was a young bank teller in The Bank of New South Wales in Papakura way back..... The food was brought into the room and there was plenty of it. After a busy day it was nice to sit down and have something to eat and enjoy a nice cold gin, lime and lemonade.... well, one or two gin, lime and lemonades. We got talking to the team from Southern and they are very keen and motivated about their Convention in a couple of years time and have already got plans well under way.

I think everyone was starting to feel a bit tired by now and thinking about the early start tomorrow, so gradually the room cleared and soon we decided it was time to take off and have a sleep before the alarm was to go off at 5am...ugh!!!  Well, didn’t really need the alarm after all, as neither of us slept …. too hyped up and rearing to go, so we were up bright and early ready for another show day.. ..   couldn’t get up to the Stadium quick enough.  Julie and Dave Wharram

Saturday 24th October : Show Day.

Another gorgeous sunny day. Manawatu were first into the TSB Stadium hall at 7.00 am, tires picked clean of stones, and parked with positioned with precision by the Taranaki team faced with getting 100 cars into the venue. All cars were in by about 8.30 a great effort leaving plenty of time for last minute car preparation and detailing. The public began entering at 10 am, and a great turnout of approximately 5000 people made the show a public and financial success for the Club. While those tasked with judging worked their way round the allocated cars, most of the rest took the free bus downtown for lunch and shopping or walked though one of more of the local parks.

Judging Results from the show are HERE

Watch a 4 minute Video of the show on Youtube here

Watch a very brief overview Video of the show on Youtube here





At 4pm the doors were closed and the cars gradually rumbled out into the adjacient car park. The hungry members then had a meal and few drinks in the local Jockey club building.

After dinner and more giveaways, an organised short cruise ran the cars through the downtown New Plymouth area and out to a local lookout point near the port and power station.


SATURDAY - Mustang Show Day

Saturday dawned very early for everybody connected with the convention.  We were staying at Rose & Noels and were up and about early. We had a quick cup of tea and off to the Stadium by 6.30am as we all had our jobs to do. The day started off as cold and sunny but cleared to a beautiful sunny day.

Firstly the cars were all checked for stones in the tyres as they entered the T S B Stadium before they were parked in their club spots. The sound of all those V8s throbbing outside patiently waiting in the queue to enter, paintwork gleaming in the sunshine. That all went smoothly and after a last dust of the cars the tape was positioned along the walkways to protect the cars and we were ready to open the doors.

The sight of all these beautifully groomed and polished Mustangs altogether in the Stadium was truly amazing. Especially from upstairs with the overall view.   The exhibitors were all set up in their stands and the doors were manned to sell tickets and keep out any unwanted guests. 

10 o'clock and the public started coming in a steady stream which lasted all day. Such a lovely day warm and sunny it seemed like everybody was out enjoying the warm Labour weekend. There are so many car enthusiasts in Taranaki and lots of visitors with an extra day to their weekend . The Stadium and Jockey Club were buzzing . Everybody had their turn on the tickets and entry and keeping an eye on the public.

The smells of food and coffee was wafting all over and provided a welcome break. The cars were judged in record time. Roger talked into his microphone all day. I wonder if he would like to go back to broadcasting? The visiting Clubs from Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Waikato Manawatu and Christchurch and Southland all had a wonderful time and certainly used the bus system to get down town and do some retail therapy and enjoy what New Plymouth had to offer.

At 6.30 this morning it seemed to be such a long day ahead of us but as we were all so busy it seemed to fly. Only the tummy rumbles reminded us that we needed to fuel up. The coffee gave us a buzz  Our rep from Swann Insurance Kingi Luke was blown away by the organisation and the way the whole weekend was planned and how it went so well. That sounded good for the future.

4pm all our cars exited the Stadium and we set up in the Jockey club for an unwinding cold drink and meal of build a sandwich. An excellent choice . There were more prizes given away and then the Club Members who were going for a night cruise set off in their Mustangs, all official duties over, off for a drive around New Plymouth.  A very popular choice because isn’t that mainly the reason why we own our mustangs is to enjoy driving them. Then home to bed and rest up ready for the Sunday entertainment.  A really great day! Hughie & Bev Goble (Taranaki)


Sunday 25th October: Round Mountain Run and Prize Giving Dinner.

Yet another glorious day's weather! The cars assembled in the car park at the TBS stadium at 9 am, and progressively rolled out on a run around Surf Highway 45.


The mountain was not completely clear, the top being shrouded in high cloud, but otherwise it was a perfect run to Opunake, where the convoy turned right down to the surf club.


Once the cars were parked up the competition for the Push and Grunt trophy began. The game invented by the Taranaki club involved teams of 5 from each club, comprising 4 pushers and one driver. Each team had to run to pickup a pair of gumboots, sling them into a ute, then push it down the driveway about 50 metres. Most clubs put together a couple of teams, and there were also some all-girl teams as well. Waikato#1 team came out the winners with the shortest time.


After the Push and Grunt,  lunch was served in the surf club building, and enjoyed in the calm sunny weather with the waves breaking just a short distance away on the beach.

Manawatu members enjoy lunch on the deck.

After lunch the cars were split into two groups. The first group went to visit a local Elvis Presley enthusiast who has filled his home with Elvis memorabilia. The second group visited the Tawhiti Museum in Hawera. This was absolutely fascinating, and comprised a mixture of dozens of historical models and lots of memorabilia, (right back to the Maori wars). There was also an extensive dairy industry equipment and agricultural machinery collection including a large tractor display. The collection is so large its hard to actually see it all without missing anything. Fortunately the museum had a cafe because many were well ready for a rest and a scone after wandering around the site.

Tawhiti Museum

Elvis Museum

After the museum visits it was a run back to the hotel in New Plymouth to get dressed ready for the next event- Price giving Dinner.

The dinner theme was Red, White & Blue, and as usual there were great costumes .

Auckland Club 

BOP club members in their "Where's Wally" Theme

Taranaki Club

         Manawatu Club


Monday 26th October: Farewell breakfast and Travel Home

The weather was still great as Monday dawned warm and sunny. The car park was a hive of activity yet again as everyone packed up their cars and checked out of their rooms before the 9 am farewell breakfast. And a great breakfast it was with mountains of sausages, bacon, egg, toast, etc. Final giveaways were completed, thank you's from the other club presidents, and a welcome from the Auckland club to the 2010 convention. It sounds like it could be the biggest ever, with a large free venue, and lots of other great planning well underway.

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Grateful acknowledgements to Terry Dywer from Taranaki Club for the majority (but not all) of the pictures on this page.