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Kevin Haig's 67

Information provided by Bob King, and Dan Bowden,  and pictures by Laurie Brenssell unless noted otherwise.

This car was a 1967 Notchback Mustang, Shelby American prepared Trans Am race car. It was was originally raced by Bob Egan in the US Trans Am Northern Pacific Division (and won). In 1970 the car was sold to New Zealander Bob Kennett, who raced the car in the US West Coast 1970 National Championship also winning. Bob sold the car at the end of 1970 to to Dexter Dunlop of Auckland.

Dexter never had any great success with the car and also suffered from blown head gaskets and other reliability issues. Dexter bought a spare 302 engine for the car from Red Dawson which was fitted with a quad Weber induction set up. Dexter sold the car in 1972 to Kevin Haig of Dunedin. Kevin owned Detroit Motors in Reid Rd, South Dunedin. 

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The engine in the car expired soon after Kevin bought it. The spare engine was installed, and subsequently blew shortly after, at an event in Milton. Both of these were Boss 302 engines. The heads had been done by Valley Head Service in LA. From the two engines, and some extra parts imported from Canada, Kevin managed to build one good engine. It took months to build the engine, and after that, all he did was new shells. After every race, the oil filter was cut open to look for any sign of metal contaminants. 

While building the engine, the whole car was also stripped and rebuilt. Kevin and Ross Osborne stripped the blue and yellow paint off it, along with numerous other coats, and repainted it orange.

Kevin fitted the 4 x IDA Weber induction set up, and the car finished that season strongly.

The following season the car was substantially lightened by replacing the doors, bonnet, boot and bumpers with fibreglass replica's. The T10 gearbox casing was replaced with an alloy casing. The car went on to win the 73/74 OSCA title.

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The following year Kevin sold the car to Lawrence Bruce. It was sold about way through the season, by which time Kevin had amassed enough points to win the OSCAR Championship. In the second of the season Lawrence got enough points to win another section of the same Championship. 

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Laurence sold the car at the end of the season to Christie Morris, who ran it on OSCA before on selling it to  Bob Slade. Slade used the car for a few more years then retired it.

In the 1980's Gary Doyle of Palmerston North tracked the car down, and undertook a major restoration which saw the car returned to its original USA Shelby specs. He also raced the car in classic events before retiring the car again.


The above six pictures of the car at Mansfield, by Stew Wood Photography, PN.
Images supplied by Gary Doyle.

In 2000-2001 Gary sold the car to David Bowden of Queensland to add to his huge collection. The Bowden's have since further restored the car.

The following is an extract from Dan Bowden (David's son) on their Four on the Floor web site.  

Dunlop67TransAm.jpg (40116 bytes) 
 Recent picture of the car following total restoration
(Dan Bowden)

Gary Doyle's car was originally owned by Bob Egan and he won the 1967 pacific northwest SCCA championship with the car.  He also raced it in a few Trans Am events. The next owner, Bob Kennet, a Kiwi who had done well in a 911, raced the T/A events till 1970 when he shipped it out to New Zealand.
Dexter Dunlop and a few others had a go till it wound up in Gary's hands. We are just finishing it's restoration in time for our annual historic race meet in the middle of July (2002). I plan to use it in a few different rally's and the like (nothing too harsh I can assure you!)

For a fuller version of the car's history see the article by Steven Holmes in September 2003 issue of NZ Classic Car Magazine.