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Day 0: Overnight Kaitaia 

Sunday 28th March

Cars began arriving at the Orana Motor Inn in Kaitaia on Saturday, and so by Sunday morning there were enough cars for an informal visit to the beach to be arranged. (A good deal of sand needed to be washed off the undersides of several cars.. !!) Kevin and Andrea Dyer and their 3 sons however took a more productive Sunday journey right up to North Cape and back.

   Ken Smiths Immaculate 67 390 Fastback:   John Barker having some fun on the beach. (Pics Ken Smith)

By Sunday evening, the hotel was a hive of car washing and general preparation activity as event stickers were placed, name tags rolled out and aerial flags applied to about 20 cars.

Car Preparation, Kaitaia

As numbers were high enough, participants enjoyed a specially cooked evening buffet in the motel.  Overnight security for the cars was arranged by AMOC by using the son of one participant, (Neville Barton's son Quinn) who (we are lead to believe) actually did manage to stay awake for both the Saturday and the Sunday nights!

Muzzies cleaned and prepared, wait overnight for the start of Day 1