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Day 12: Invercargill to Bluff

 Good Friday 9th April

Host: Southern Mustang Owners Club

The morning dawned dry but with rain threatening, however the forecast for the day was excellent. Vic completed morning briefing, Wal ,was awarded an excellent Mustang cap for his organisational activities,  and on time at 9.00 am the convoy rolled out on the short drive down to Bluff. Light rain fell during the journey but in only 30 mins or so we arrived at arrived Stirling Point, Bluff. Fortunately the rain then began to dissipate, and numerous pictures were taken, including the final group photo of the event.

The final Group Picture at Bluff's Stirling Point.

The only two cars to complete the entire event, Wal Marshall's 69 Boss 429 and Nigel and Dianne McDonald's 66 Shelby GT350 were parked together at the signpost for a group picture. Note: One other person completed the entire distance, (riding as guest in a mixture of cars) and that was Photographer Sandy Farrell.

Dianne & Nigel McDonald and Wal Marshall, with the only two cars to complete the entire event.

Several cars then took the opportunity to park in front of the signpost, while 5 others left the group for half an hour and headed up to the top of Bluff hill for a look around.

Bluff township hugs the bottom of the hill below Bluff Hill lookout.

Although the view was magnificent, only about 10 mins was spent on Bluff hill as the wind was rather chilly. The cars returned to Stirling Point so the occupants could warm up in the "Drunken Sailor" cafe, have a farewell coffee, and say final (and sad!) goodbyes. "See you here again in 5 or 10 years" was the most common farewell comment, capping what had been an adventure, and incredible holiday, and a journey of new and lasting friendships.  Five cars then began the return journey together.

Denis Goings pictures of day 12 are here

Return Journey