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Day 7: Nelson Rest Day

 Sunday 4th April: 

Sunday dawned fine and sunny, and slowly participants emerged to wash their cars and chat about the day ahead.

Cars washed and ready for the day, wait for their visit to the WOW Centre.

First task was sort the McDonalds Shelby. Wayne Coster arrived with a van load of tools and parts, and started by pulling the drive shaft off. That seemed OK so next was the axle bearings. In no time is was clear that the right hand side were in bad shape, so it was decided to drive it out to Southern Mustang, to have a replacement axle and bearing fitted.

With that small drama out of the way everyone mostly went for walks downtown or went on local drives to check out what Nelson had to offer. By 2.45 pm however they were all back at the Motel, and the cars convoyed up the hill and down into the car park at the Wearable Arts (WOW) Centre for a park-up car show. A sizable number of local cars arrived including the now repaired McDonald Shelby, making in total an impressive 30 car line-up.

A crowd of local enthusiasts inspect the 30 car line-up in the WOW carpark.

Shortly after arrival however the weather decided to play a wild card and dumped some rain on the carpark. It was decided that this was an ideal time to retire into the main comple, to check out not only the clothing displays, but also the excellent classic car section as well. 

By 4 pm the car collection and the clothing displays were well inspected, and a wander back into the car park revealed that the rain had stopped and fine evening was beckoning. Annie and Wayne Coster invited everyone to a dinner that night at the the Restaurant in the Mapua Leisure Park. As this was only a couple of km from the Southern Mustang HQ in Ruby Bay it was decided to visit there first to stock up on any Mustang bits that were desperately needed. A convoy of 8 cars proceeded back to Annie and Wayne's and after an hour of purchasing fever, we headed down the road to the beach front Restaurant, arriving just on dusk.

The boatshed restaurant proved to be very capable of serving up a great meal, and the  informal environment made for a very enjoyable and relaxing end to a very pleasant and unwinding day.

Dinner at the Boat shed. Carol and Colin Carr,  Amy, Michael , Melissa, and Sarah Morgan.

The Meal was over by 10 pm so (with the exception of the McDonalds who decided to stay over at the Mapua park) the cars quietly wended their way back to Nelson, to prepare for the next and longest leg of the event, day 7.

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