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During the Great NZ Mustang Run, and the Karaoke nights in Orewa and Taupo, it was noted by several participants that there was only one well known Mustang song, namely Mustang Sally. It was agreed that a new song was needed! Inspired by the event the task was taken up by Wayne Ward of Auckland,  who has put forward the following suggestion. Here is his new Mustang song, with some changes proposed during the event. Further suggestions to improve it are welcome!

Mustangs Forever

By Wayne Ward, (with some editing by Wal Marshall)
Tune: The Ballad of the Green Beret.

 Classic Mustangs from the States,
Mustang Cars, Americas best,
Cars which show just what they are
Their legend spreads both near and far

Ponies shining in the sun
Throughout our land they love to run
One thousand fans will view today
As only Fords draw crowds this way.

From two Eight Nines to Bosses bold
You may hear the history told
Of how they raced both street and track
To win the day, and send Chev's back.

Ponies Shining in the Sun
Throughout our land they love to run
One thousand fans will view today
The legend cars from USA.

Now Forty years have been endured
Since Henry Ford's design ensured
The style and speed that won the day
So that we may sing this song today

Ponies basking in the sun
Ready for another run
Light that fire, its time to roar
Pony fever forever more.


Suggestions for wording improvements or extra verses welcome!!