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  Dash Panel Lighting Upgrades

Everyone with an early Mustang will relate the the poor dash panel lighting that most have.. In fact most are now so poor as to be almost unreadable at night.
The cause is a mixture of things such as loss of bulb brightness as they age and darken, the plastic instrument lens covers gradually clouding over due to UV damage, and the instrument lens colours also degrading and darkening over time.

Solutions are now available to make the dash panel light up better than it did even when new

1. Cloudy instrument lens covers can be replaced with new ones, and
2. The original bulbs can be replaced with high output LED bulbs 

Here is a picture of a 69 dash with blue High output (5x) LED bulbs inserted in place of the stock bulbs. (Other colours available)

The table below gives some info related to two typical kits .
(Picture and table extracted from http://www.hipoparts.com/product_info.php?products_id=631)

NOTE: Only buy the high output (5 or more) LED bulbs as the regular bulb kits are not particularly bright. In addition to the dash lights, most other bulbs can also be replaced including tail lights etc.

For more info here are some useful websites that sell the dash kits



There is a second (but more expensive option) for an even brighter display. Electro Luminescent Kits

These kits such as the one from Scott Drake replace the instrument faces, so the face itself becomes luminescent when switched on, as shown above.
This link shows the kit being installed in a 67 model.