Objectives,  as set out in clause 4 of the Constitution. 

The aims and objectives of the Federation are; 

a)      To bond together all motoring clubs in New Zealand to provide a united voice in dealing with legislative and regulatory authorities.

b)      To promote and support those organisations whose aims are the preservation, restoration and safe use of motor vehicles of all types.

c)      To present the interests of individuals, through their clubs, of any involvement in the preservation of motor vehicles  and/or the interest of motoring.

d)      To collect and disseminate information of benefit to member clubs.

e)      To publish any information which, will promote or support the membership.

f)        To encourage liaison, communication and co-operation between members clubs.

g)      To liase with any organisation, whose aims are similar to or compatible to those of the Federation.

h)      To act on the recommendation of the majority of members in any matter wherein benefit to member clubs or the movement generally will result.

i)        To pursue any course of action which will further the aims of the Federation.