April 15-18 2004 : Nashville Tennessee



Pictures show Carroll Shelby and John Force in a GT500KR
And Edsel B Ford heading to Nashville in new Mustang


Kiwis Drive to the 40th Celebrations 

The full story of the trip to the USA 40th by two Kiwi families , can be found here. The story was provided by Arthur Wilkinson who with his wife Maryanne and daughter Sarah, drove one of two 65 Mustangs to Nashville and back.

Barry and Gail Featherstone also made the trip over, and managed to feature in a New York Times story!

 Barry has written some words and sent me some pictures...Go here


Some great pictures from the 40th are on the Tennesspeed site. Here are two overviews, the rest (12 pages of them) are on their site here . Be sure to click twice on any of their images to get a supersize blow up.

Overviews of the main Nashville Super Speedway Site. 


There is pictures and some coverage in Newsweek Magazine. Here are two pictures from their site: Check out the rest here

Shelby GT350 Owners prepare for their cars for a session on the super speedway track.


The Pony Drive Website is here.
The huge Pony Drive picture album is here

   And a Ford Press release here

I understand that the Pony Drive a event ran into a snow storm on days 1-2!



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