Manawatu Mustang Owners Club

The Manawatu Mustang Owners Club was formed in late January 1979 when a couple (Ash & Louise Williams) with a passion for Mustangs hosted 15 Mustangs, 8 of those guests from the Taranaki Club with the aim of starting a club. 
The first official meeting took place on 14th February 1979 at Graeme and Trudie Ponds home where the 7 foundation members started the club. 
The club has constantly grown in numbers over the years as Mustangs become the passion of more and more New Zealanders. 

As at April 2013 the club had 80 family members.  Members together own 85 Mustangs. Almost every month there are new additions to the club, either new members or another vehicle purchased. 

  Membership is drawn from all over the lower half of the North Island, from Wanganui and Hastings south to Wellington.


 Members together own about 63 Mustangs 

           The club meets for some kind of event about once a month, in various places in the Lower North Island, (See Coming Events).

The club magazine is called Mustang Magic, and it is published approx 4 times per year.

Contact data and executive positions for the club are as follows: (Updated June 2016)

Club President

John Camm


Vice President

Diane Reynolds



  Alan Mill


Margot Collier


Magazine Editor




Dale Such



Mike Hampton



Judith Mill


Area Representitives:

Manawatu: Alan Hughes
Horowhenua: Craig Diffey
Wanganui: Graeme Jackson
Hawkes Bay: Tom Parkinson
Kapiti: Dale Such
Wellington & Wairarapa: Naresh Parmar

Vice President


Potential new members can obtain further information by contacting any person on the above listing,
or can join the club by clicking the link below, then emailing, or printing and posting in the application form.

 Here is a form to join the Club or renew your membership   (pdf)

Club jackets and other club merchandise are listed here. 
(It's a private group so you need to be accepted as a member to view the page)